Review: The 7-Cent Decision by Amber Voight

The 7-Cent Decision

I read this book so quickly. It’s an amazing read and one that I just couldn’t put down.

Amber Voight is an amazing woman who has gone from being homeless to having an extremely successful business in the Network Marketing Industry.

In this book, you learn of her struggles and ultimately her success and how she has gone about building her huge organisation with her then husband David Voight.

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My thoughts

I opened this book one night in bed shortly after I found it is available on Amazon Kindle and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It kept me up half the night because I just couldn’t put it down. This woman’s life and that of her family, have completely changed over the years and she’s been through her ups and downs and you learn about all this.  She’s completely real and open in the book and that is what makes it a fantastic read.  It’s easy to read and you learn so much about the things she does to help to build her business.

Biggest Takeaways

My biggest takeaways from reading The 7-Cent Decision is Attraction Marketing and personal development is a must to build a business. People don’t join the company, they don’t buy from the company, they buy from you. Work on building yourself and on attraction marking and just making friends without any kind of agenda at all and eventually, your business will grow.


A fantastic book that is a must-read for anybody in business and Network Marketing. Words cannot describe just how much I truly loved (Ad, Affiliate) The 7-Cent Decision.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build a business, or is thinking about building a business.

Thank you for reading

Love and Light

Sarah Tilsley

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