Book Review – S.O.S A business mum’s survival guide for the school holidays by Claire Mitchell

Business mums Survival Guide: review

This was a fantastic book and a must have for any business woman and mother. Do you really want to wing in during another school holiday again and not get anything done for your business?


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Why I like this book!

You’re working and your business is running along nicely. Everything and great and all of a sudden the school holidays are upon you and you have nothing in place to organise your business around your children.

You know you’ve got to keep your children occupied. You started your business to be around for family and now you’ve got to work them both around each other for 6 weeks and panic sets in.

There are two choices, you could wing it and hope for the best, but now you don’t have to. Claire Mitchell has it all worked out for you.

She explains in really well, how to work and keep your children occupied at the same time.

The things she says are written in such a way that she makes it clear to understand and simple so you can whiz through the book and put it all into action quickly.



(AD, Affiliate) S.O.S: A Business Mum’s Survival Guide For The School Holidays is a fantastic book that has a tonne of useful tips for working your business around your children and your family.

A book I highly recommend. 5 Stars.


PS.  This book has literally helped me with every single holiday since reading it.  I am going to be reading it again and refreshing my memory with this amazing book. It’s so close to the holidays now. Ask yourselves, do you really want to wing it around the school holidays again?


Thank you for reading

Love and Light

Sarah Tilsley

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