Go For No: Book Review

Go for No is one of those books that gave me lightbulb moments throughout.  It’s amazing for anybody in the Network Marketing industry.


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About Go For No

It’s written like a story, rather than a standard fact-filled non-fiction book, but that doesn’t detract in the slightest from the amount of information you get from this.  The book is full of useful things that you can learn and implement in your business.

Jam packed with useful facts and actionable content that you can get going with right away, whilst reading like a story.

It really helped the information to stick in my head more.


My lightbulb moment

Around halfway through this book and after several pages of notes he talks about sales and how it’s the sales person themselves that generally closes the sale, a lot of the time, especially when it comes to big orders.

The sales person goes into the sale with a figure in mind about how much you spend in one transaction. The customer comes in and hits that same amount and the sales person doesn’t try and ask them if you want anything else.

It’s the mindset that’s a big issue, if you go into a sale believing they won’t buy, chances are the way you speak to them will come across that way too and the chances of closing the sale are then lower.

Change your mindset, believe in your products, believe the sale will happen and don’t judge anybody. You can’t tell how much a person will spend by looking at them or having a conversation with them, you never know.



This book really helped me understand where I’ve gone wrong. It’s down to me and how I perceive something. Nobody else can change that for me, only me… Look for the potential in the situation and think positively that your life can only improve from there.



(AD, Affiliate) Go for No!  is an amazing book that changed everything for me. My biggest takeaways were that mind is everything; think positive; look for the potential in a situation; look for ways you can learn from thing’s and don’t judge anybody.


Thank you for reading

Love and light

Sarah Tilsley