Why did I go back to beauty and network marketing?

Why leave network marketing in the first place?

Why I went back to beauty? | The Flourishing Beauty Beauty and network marketing is where I first started a business. I learnt all about the industry and how to put my makeup on properly in my 20 months with my first company. I knew I needed to move though and do something else, I just didn’t know what. When I left I thought it was the right thing to do. I thought it was for the best as it wasn’t working. I blamed the industry itself.  It wasn’t for me, I was wrong.


How did I know it was wrong leaving network marketing?

The truth was, I lost myself the day I quit my business. Essentially, my business went down the drain and so did I.

I stopped caring about myself and I stopped trying.   There was a good chunk of time that I lost myself, who I was and started sliding back into the deep pit of anxiety and depression again. I didn’t like the person I was becoming and something had to change.


My Realisation

It’s not that the business wasn’t working it’s that I wasn’t! From the outside, it looked like I was, I was posting and doing lives and videos right. I was talking commenting on posts with others too. Isn’t that enough?

No it isn’t enough. It’s a part of it sure, but certainly not enough. I could have done a whole lot more. J let others thoughts on my life get to me. I let the pressure get to me. It stood there like a big fucking bouncer at a club telling me I couldn’t get in without ID.

I listened and walked away, it wasn’t until I got home that I realised, I did have ID. I let it talk me into quitting and going home. Why did I do that? Because the alternative was too fucking frightening.

I ran like a child back to comfort. I sank back into my old ways like you’d sink into quicksand and I didn’t stop sinking until I decided to reach for that overhanging branch and pull myself the hell out.


What now?

So here I am, warts and all. Ok, not really but you get the picture right? I’m ready and I’m vulnerable and I ain’t quitting!

Yes there are people who don’t agree with me. I have had haters already and that’s on because they are

Why I went back to beauty. | The Flourishing Beauty

entitled to their opinions, no matter how much I disagree.

I won’t let their limiting thoughts and beliefs stop me from what I believe I should be doing with my life. This is the right thing for me to do and the right path to take and I can feel it deep down I inside that I am ready now. I’ve got this and I won’t let anybody stop me this time.

Watch this space beauties, because its going to be incredible. I can’t wait to help other people with health and beauty and I believe my coaching qualifications will really help me with all this too.

It’s time to smash those small minded opinions out of the water and throw my all into my new health and beauty business.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Go with your heart and go smash the hell out of those goals.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sarah Tilsley

The Flourishing Beauty

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