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The Tarot Cheat Sheet

In this Tarot Cheat Sheet, you will learn the keywords to all the tarot cards, and set the stage for learning to read tarot for yourself. Say goodbye to self-doubt, and lack of confidence in reading the cards and  journey towards being able to confidently read tarot for yourself.

What if you could...

Learn to read the cards for yourself with just a few simple keywords for each card

Learn a simple process for getting ready to ready tarot for yourself.

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Here's what you'll learn:

Become more confident in knowing you have exactly what you need to start reading tarot for yourself today.

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I founded SoulSpark Alchemy because I believe everyone has an inner spark waiting to be ignited. I’ve been where you are—struggling to remember the detailed meanings of each tarot cards, unable to read without checking the book out first. That’s why I’m committed to guiding you to intuitively read for yourself, a lot quicker than it took me.  

I promise I will help you and teach you what I’ve been learning for the last 20 plus years.

I am giving you this cheat sheet because there was nothing like this when I first started reading the cards and I know there is a better way than relying on the books to read.

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