An AI portrait of Sarah Tilsley with mystical tarot and cosmic elements, surrounded by stars, crystals, and celestial bodies

Nurturing Spiritual Growth for Business Success

Guiding business owners with chronic illness to discover their self-worth, integrate spiritual practices, and achieve heartfelt business success

Monetise Your Spiritual Gifts

Elevate your Business

Your path to elevating your Spiritual business

I understand the unique challenges faced by business owners with chronic illnesses. My personalized approach combines spiritual practices with practical business strategies to help you discover your true potential and achieve lasting success.

Discover Your True Worth

Through compassionate tarot readings and holistic coaching, I guide you to uncover your self-worth and build the confidence needed to thrive.

Integrate Spiritual Practices

Learn how to seamlessly blend spiritual practices into your daily business activities, creating a harmonious balance that enhances both your personal well-being and professional success.

Achieve Heartfelt Success

My tailored strategies empower you to monetize your spiritual gifts, grow your business authentically, and achieve your goals with clarity and purpose.

Embrace tarot as the bridge between intuition and impactful coaching. Together, we’ll turn insight into action and help you monetize your tarot readings

The Power of integrating Tarot in Your spiritual Business

Integrating tarot into your business transforms insights into tangible growth. I help you harness tarot to elevate your business and enrich your spiritual journey.

Deepen Intuition
Enhance your intuitive abilities to make confident business decisions.

Build Authentic Connections
Offer personalized guidance that fosters trust and loyalty with your clients.

Empower Business Growth
Turn tarot insights into actionable strategies and monetize your skills.

Enhance Client Experiences
Provide a holistic approach that addresses both spiritual and practical needs.

Embrace tarot as the bridge between intuition and impactful action in your business. Together, we’ll turn insights into growth and help you monetize your tarot readings

A person standing at the start of a pathway leading towards a luminous sunrise, flanked by fantastic clouds and lush scenery
An AI portrait of Sarah Tilsley with mystical tarot and cosmic elements, surrounded by stars, crystals, and celestial bodies
Meet Sarah Tilsley

My journey from tarot enthusiast to spiritual coach and mentor is a testament to the transformative power of integrating tarot into business. With over two decades of tarot mastery, I’ve faced many challenges and triumphs, blending intuitive practices with professional growth. I’m here to empower you to leverage tarot for deeper client impact, innovative solutions, and a coaching practice that stands out for its depth and authenticity. Let’s elevate your business through the power of tarot

Our Programs

Ready to redefine your business with the transformative power of tarot. Our specialized programs, ‘Masters of Tarot’ and ‘The Tarot Visionary,’ are meticulously designed to guide you through mastering tarot’s rich symbolism and intuitive insights. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your own understanding or integrate tarot into your professional practice, our offerings provide the knowledge, skills, and strategies to elevate your impact

The Tarot Visionary
Hands presenting a Tarot Visionary card, radiating a brilliant cosmic energy with astrological symbols

Your guide through spiritual knowledge, meditation, and beyond, offering clarity and direction on your path to self-discovery and spiritual growth. Embrace a journey filled with personalized insights, foundational spiritual practices, and the support of a like-minded community, all created for personal growth, inner peace, and a deeper connection with spirit.

Masters of Tarot

Your comprehensive guide to unlocking the mysteries and wisdom of tarot. This program is perfect for those who wish to harness the full potential of tarot for personal growth and monetizing the tarot. Discover the art of interpretation, develop a profound connection with the cards, and learn to guide others on their journey with confidence.


Ready To Unlock Your Tarot Potential

Download our Tarot Success Cheatsheet. This is your first step towards reading with confidence and intuition. Inside, you’ll discover key insights into card meanings, Whether you’re struggling to remember the significance of the cards or looking to refine your intuitive readings, the Tarot Success Cheatsheet is for you.