About Sarah Tilsley

Hi, I’m Sarah Tilsley

Growing up I adored the stories of my family’s spiritual connections and of my great, great grandma, a revered psychic and tarot reader captivated me. Their stories ignited a desire within me to explore the world of tarot and spirituality.  Even at a young age, I felt an inexplicable pull towards it.  The problem was I didn’t know I had any psychic gifts and a lack of self-confidence held me back. This fear was deepened by my severe anxiety and being scared of the world around me.

As a teenager my mum bought me my first tarot deck, I cherished those cards, diving into the cards’ meanings and symbolism, excited to unlock their secrets in every spare moment.  Despite being fascinated by them, I doubted myself.  I was scared that I didn’t have that connection to spirit my family had. My path felt daunting, full of obstacles I wasn’t sure I could get through.

That doubt in my spiritual connection held me back for years.

I didn’t see it within myself, I expected to be able to see spirit walking around like that lad on The Sixth Sense, but it wasn’t like that for me, so I dabbled a while in tarot, struggling to even live a normal life through my fears and lack of confidence.

The first turning point came at 18, following me ignoring a clear intuitive warning and I ended up in a car accident. This made me realise I was intuitive, and I needed to explore that further.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I started my first business and my personal growth journey that things started to change for me and that I truly began to understand these parts of myself. It all started with meeting Emma.  She wasn’t just a mindset coach to me, she was a friend, and a guiding light through all the issues I was having. Emma’s wisdom and encouragement was a pivotal changing point for me and that mindset work changed my life. She helped me shift from a fixed, negative mindset to one of growth and empowerment. I started to see who I really was, and found myself again.

I couldn’t share that pull towards something more fulfilling, something that truly resonated with my inner self. It was an overwhelming nudge me towards change again, towards finding my purpose. It wasn’t easy to consider leaving behind what I had built, but a longing for deeper meaning in my work wouldn’t leave me.

It was that search for purpose that I had an ‘aha’ moment that helped me realise that my purpose intertwined with tarot spirituality and my confidence journey. The signs had been there all along, from my childhood enchantment with tarot to the intuitive guidance I’d experienced but hadn’t fully understood. This realization propelled me to actually start my business.

After starting my business in 2018 skeptics emerged from the woodwork.

My family thought I should pursue tech because I had a knack for it, but my heart wasn’t in it. The switch to tarot and spiritual coaching marked a significant personal and professional transformation. My spiritual awakening and subsequent deep dive into the spiritual and tarot industry was intense and full of learning. It reconnected me to my roots and compelled me to continue my path. This resistance only strengthened my will to keep going, to not give up, because I wanted to show them I could do it, just as much as I wanted to fulfil my purpose.


Starting my business wasn’t easy. I faced internal doubts and the scepticism of others, but the joy and fulfilment I found in this work confirmed I was on the right path. Transitioning to my spiritual business was full of challenges. Leaving the network marketing community meant losing a support network, and left me feeling lonely.  It also tested my resilience massively.  It was hard going, sales trickled in slowly, and there wasn’t that instant success that I saw all over social media.  This really tested my faith and determination and everything felt uncertain and lonely and made me think there was something wrong with me, it really heightened my fear of visibility.  This fear of visibility was a struggle to get through, that alongside the pressure from family to quit and the slow progress, I still clung to my dreams. I chose resilience over retreat and used the fire within me of people telling me I couldn’t to show them I absolutely could.

The testimonials from clients not only validated my skills but also helped to grow my confidence more and encouraged me to continue.  It helped me recognize and embrace my psychic intuitive gifts and realise the profound impact they had in my clients, 

Today, I am completely transformed, not even recognising the girl I once was. That scared little girl gone, and transformed from someone who was once terrified of life, marked by a journey from fear and uncertainty to someone who is confident, and aligned with my true purpose. The key factors in this transformation  were the mindset work, the relentless pursuit of personal growth, and the courage to embrace and share my authentic self and psychic gifts. 


Today, I stand as a testament to the power of resilience, intuition, belief in your journey, and the transformative impact of embracing and living your truth and purpose.  It takes courage to follow a path that truly reflects who you are. I’ve learned the importance of embracing change, trusting the process, and the profound impact of helping others through my work. This path has also led to significant personal growth and fulfilment. From a novice tarot reader, to running a business that wasn’t true to who I was or my purpose, to a thriving spiritual coach and business owner, my story is one of discovering and fulfilling my purpose, guided by the legacy of my ancestors and the coaching that helped me find my way.